Hello players,

We have quite a few updates to Survival that I'd like to announce. Some of these updates have been completed already, and some of them will be rolled out in the coming days:

  • Added Tinkerer to /ce. Trade your unwanted enchanted items for special prizes!
  • Added Black Smith to /ce. Combine two enchanted items or books to make the enchant level higher!
  • Added many scrolls and other fun features to /ce.
  • Please report bugs, as I'm sure there will be plenty.
In the next few days, we will be releasing a new spawn for Survival. This is due to the current spawn castle not having sufficient space to expand the way we have planned. When we release this new spawn, we will be releasing 5 new Survival ranks, which will go in-between the current ranks, to make the gaps between the ranks significantly less dramatic. MANY new features for the server will be released when we open the new spawn. Stay tuned! ETA: February 7th, 2017.

Furthermore, we will be editing a few of the rules on the Survival server. Some of these rules have existed before, and are being tweaked, and some new ones are being added.

  • Scamming is no longer permitted. SK is a very friendly community, and the staff team and I have noticed that allowing players to scam each other causes tenseness, and it's not a vibe that we enjoy for SK. So starting at the time this is posted, scamming will no longer be allowed. This includes not paying players money/items when trading and also anything similar. Players who break this rule risk being jailed/banned.
  • Along with scamming not being allowed, taking advantage of new players' ignorance regarding the economy and prices is against the rules. Do not pressure new players to pay unjust prices for items.
  • Teleporting players into death traps, or instant-death scenarios is now against the rules. Players are already advised to be careful when teleporting to untrusted players, so teleport-PvP is still allowed. This rule only pertains to players who intentionally teleport others to a place where they will automatically die. Ex: Accepting a tp request, then hitting a player off a cliff is not allowed.
  • Spamming the same items in the auction more than once in a row is now against the rules. This does NOT include lowering/raising the price, if you mistyped the first time. However, if this is done in a clearly abusive way, action can/will be taken.
  • Selling items in the auction with ridiculously high...
Hello players,

This announcement is a friendly reminder that we've made changes to the server rules. These changes only affect the Creative server and players who hold a donator rank of VIP or higher.

It's a well-known fact that players can use the ArmorStandTools plugin to create floating holograms on the server that say basically anything. As a staff team, this has been discussed multiple times, and we've come to the decision that we will not restrict players from doing this, as long as they are made in a way that compliments or enhances your build(s).

If any players are caught creating holograms around the server that are random spamming or silly messages, that player will risk their permission for /ast to be taken away, regardless of your donation rank.

Just to reiterate, holograms are fine, as long as you're using them to compliment or enhance your build. Spammy or random holograms around your plots or freebuild are now against the rules.

Thank you,
- SK Administration
Hello players,

I'd like to welcome everyone to the new and improved website and forums! You guys may notice that the forums are now dramatically different, and that is due to our switch of forum software from Enjin to XenForo. XenForo is a much more user-friendly and aesthetically appealing software, which is being hosted on our own hardware. Because of this, we have much more control over the website and we can now control new features more appropriately.

Along with the new website, we've added a new staff member: @Pile. She will be our official forums administrator. Some may call her a XenForo miracle-worker. If you guys run into any issues on the new website, you may report to either Pile or another administrator, who will be able to efficiently assist you with your troubles.

We hope you guys enjoy the website as much as we suspect you will. There are many new features and bonuses to be discovered that were not available to us on the old website. Again, please contact a member of staff if you are confused or need assistance whilst browsing the new website.

Thank you,
- SK Administration & Development Team