Hello players,

I'd like to begin this post by congratulating our new staff members and staff promotions on Shadow Kingdom:
  • Necropoli(Voidaccount) - Promoted to Assistant
  • LetzTaco - Promoted to Assistant
  • Nqz - Promoted to Assistant
  • RamonaWinchester - Promoted to Moderator
I'm looking forward to the greatness that will come of you all.

In other news, many of you older players remember a server named "oldcreative," which was an archive server for the old Creative server before the reset. This server has not been used for many months now, and hardly had any player connections, so we've decided to use the hosting power from oldcreative and add a new server to the network. The type of server and features will be announced at a later date.

Lastly, there has been a slight change in rules on the Survival server. Its come to our attention that Shulker Boxes cannot be locked via LWC, like chests. This makes them vulnerable to stealing and raiding, uncontrollably. Because of this, we're promptly adding a new rule regarding Shulker Boxes to the Official In-Game Rules. Please be sure you check the official rules regularly for updates and edits.

Thank you and happy mining!
- SK Staff Team
Hello players!

The PvP Arena on Survival has now been released!
To get there, use /pvparena

- SK Administration
Hello players!

Roses are red,
Your eyes are aglow
We need bread
So give us some dough

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