Hello players,

I am happy to announce that beta testing for the new Factions server will be open from May 25th to May 27th (midnight to midnight EST)! We need 10 beta testers to play during this period, find any and all bugs, and report them to us so that we may fix them once beta testing is over and before Factions opens to the public on June 8th. During this period, the world borders for the overworld, nether, and end will all be significantly smaller than they will be when the server releases to the public. This is to mitigate any advantages beta testers may have over everyone else when the server opens. The entire server (all progress, all terrain alterations, etc.) will be rolled back at the end of the beta testing period so that when factions opens to the public, no player has an advantage over any other. To be eligible to be a beta tester, you must be a donator and have achieved at least the rank of Builder on Creative OR Guardian on Towns OR Free on Prison. To sign up to be a beta tester, reply below with the following (filled in, of course):

Donation Rank:
Creative Rank:
Towns Rank:
Prison Rank:

The first 10 people to reply and have their eligibility verified will be the Factions beta testers. Before applying, please be certain that you can be available to play for a great deal of time during the period of May 25th to 27th.

I look forward to seeing the beta testers' reaction to the culmination of several months' hard work on May 25th, and then everyone else's on June 8th.
Hello Players,

After two long years, we are proud to introduce Shadow Kingdom Factions v2.0. One of the main things holding back Shadow Kingdom from growing since Kingdoms' demise was the lack of a well-established and fun PvP-oriented gamemode. On Shadow Kingdom Factions v2.0, we've combined all of the features that all you PvP-savvy warriors will enjoy, along with many never-before-seen features, plugins, and events, many of which are highlighted below.

Factions servers are everywhere. In fact, Factions is the most common type of Minecraft survival server, and due to this, many Factions servers that you have probably joined in the past felt stale and monotonous. Over the course of many months, we have designed Shadow Kingdom Factions from the ground up with this fact in mind, and made sure to pack it with goals to reach and a constant stream of things to do, to avoid Shadow Kingdom Factions from becoming "just another stale Factions server." We hope you have fun reaching these goals when Factions opens on June 8th at noon EST!

Server Ranks
Shadow Kingdom Factions v2.0 has a very unique and custom ranking system that rewards various different play styles. The ranking ladder will be split between 5 separate ladders; Playtime, PvP/Kills, McMMO Levels, Mining, and Money. There will be a total of 16 achievable ranks, meaning that each ladder will receive 3 ranks. The last rank will be achieved after maxing all 5 ranking ladders. Since there will be 5 separate ranking ladders, everyone will be able to view the ranks they achieved and also change their prefix in chat using the /prefix command at any time to the rank(s) they've achieved.

Envoy Events
Every three hours on Factions v2.0, an Envoy event will begin. Envoy events are essentially a game of hide and seek. When an event begins, 7 Envoy Crates will be randomly scattered within 500 blocks from the platform at /warp Envoy. It is your duty to find these Crates before other players. But be careful! PvP will be enabled when you jump off the platform!

Envoy Crates will reward you with a random CE Enchant depending on the Crate type. The possible types are Common, Rare, Legendary, and Dust. The Dust Crate will reward you with 5 Mystery Dust, which will randomly...

It came to the attention of the staff team a while ago that many of our rules were inadequate for several issues that were becoming quite prominent and that several of the listed punishments were very different from the ones a player who committed those offenses would receive. Since then, I have been working, with the consultation of @sh1mrr4 and @TinyRoe , to update the rules we had, to make new ones addressing the new issues, and to update the punishments to more accurately fit the punishments actually issued, without being too strict should some new precedent or policy present itself in the future. This endeavor is finally complete, and the new rules and punishments can be found by following the links below. This change does not affect any past or current punishments, but the new rules will go in effect at the time of the posting of this announcement.

It is our hope that these new rules will allow both staff and players to enjoy even greater times on Shadow Kingdom.
Thank you,
Shadow Kingdom Staff Team

Global Rules: https://shadowkingdom.org/threads/official-in-game-global-rules.1371/
Creative Rules: https://shadowkingdom.org/threads/official-in-game-creative-rules.1373/
Towns Rules: https://shadowkingdom.org/threads/official-in-game-towns-rules.1372/
Prison Rules: https://shadowkingdom.org/threads/official-in-game-prison-rules.1374/
* Kingdom Rules were drafted, but with the decision to discontinue the service of that server, they were not finalized nor will they be published.
* The new rules are now in separate threads so that specific rules are now easier to find, without scrolling through a very long page to find them.