It came to the attention of the staff team a while ago that many of our rules were inadequate for several issues that were becoming quite prominent and that several of the listed punishments were very different from the ones a player who committed those offenses would receive. Since then, I have been working, with the consultation of @sh1mrr4 and @TinyRoe , to update the rules we had, to make new ones addressing the new issues, and to update the punishments to more accurately fit the punishments actually issued, without being too strict should some new precedent or policy present itself in the future. This endeavor is finally complete, and the new rules and punishments can be found by following the links below. This change does not affect any past or current punishments, but the new rules will go in effect at the time of the posting of this announcement.

It is our hope that these new rules will allow both staff and players to enjoy even greater times on Shadow Kingdom.
Thank you,
Shadow Kingdom Staff Team

Global Rules: https://shadowkingdom.org/threads/official-in-game-global-rules.1371/
Creative Rules: https://shadowkingdom.org/threads/official-in-game-creative-rules.1373/
Towns Rules: https://shadowkingdom.org/threads/official-in-game-towns-rules.1372/
Prison Rules: https://shadowkingdom.org/threads/official-in-game-prison-rules.1374/
* Kingdom Rules were drafted, but with the decision to discontinue the service of that server, they were not finalized nor will they be published.
* The new rules are now in separate threads so that specific rules are now easier to find, without scrolling through a very long page to find them.
Hello players,

April 1st marks the third anniversary of the opening of Shadow Kingdom! (No, this is not an April Fool's joke) The network has come a long way in the past three years from its humble beginnings with Creative v1.0. To celebrate this achievement and to thank all of the players who have made it possible, all items on the donation store will be 25% off for the week of April 1st to April 8th, midnight to midnight. This is a particularly special sale, since we have never before put all items on sale, only donator ranks. This thread will be posted to the homepage when the sale begins at midnight EST on April 1st.

The Staff Team would again like to reiterate the massive appreciation for all players, new and old, who have made it possible for the network to not only continue operations, but constantly improve, for the past three years. Thank you!
Hello Players,

It has been widely known that our Creative server has needed a clean refresh for a long time now. Creative 2.0 was very much a continuation of Creative 1.0; as a result, many features of the server have gotten stale over its 3-year lifetime. Today we are introducing Creative v3.1.0—a completely new approach to Shadow Kingdom Creative. Creative v3.1.0 is more than just a reset of the current Creative server; every small detail has been planned out, reworked, and/or improved upon over the course of many months, as you shall see when it releases March 2nd, 2018.

Major Additions/Changes
Our main goal for Creative v3.1.0 has been to make the server as enjoyable as possible for any type of Creative player, whether you're a builder, role-player, or just here to have a good time and converse with like-minded individuals. The server is jam-packed with many new building tools for you build-savvy architects, such as WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, and many all-new building tools never seen on Shadow Kingdom before, such as goBrush and nextColors (tutorials for these tools will be posted on our forums, thanks to @Kayoz).
Upon joining the server for the first time, you will find yourself in the (Small)Plots world, appropriately renamed "Plots." These plots are anything but small, though. Measuring in at 101 x 101 blocks, these plots are truly massive, perfect for any type of creative creations. After ranking up twice, you will find yourself in the LargePlots world, with familiar 215 x 215 plots. Finally, after ranking up a third time, you gain access to Advanced Freebuild (previously known as Arch World on Creative 2.0). There are two Advanced Freebuild worlds: Advanced Flat and Advanced Natural.

Creative v3.1.0 will be maintaining the ranking ladder from Creative v1.0 and v2.0 because we have spent the past 3 years refining and establishing our building standards for these ranks, so it would only make sense to retain that, for the sake of consistency. Building ranks that players have earned, however, will have to be reset. We have thought long and hard about this decision, and the staff team have all agreed that this change is required. Our building standards over the past 3-year period has changed quite a bit. Someone who achieved...