Hello Players,

Ever since the original Towny v1.0 server, it has been our goal to provide the best Towny experience to our players. Our Towny servers have been the most popular, successful, and addictive line of gamemodes that we've ever released. In fact, if we never expanded Shadow Kingdom into Towny, we probably wouldn't be around today. So to begin this announcement, we would like to thank our community and staff for the continued support throughout these last (nearly) 4 years, because it is due to these users that we have the ability to provide this server to our community.

With the recent Minecraft updates, a server reset was inevitable if we ever wanted to officially support 1.13(.x) and later versions. Instead of a simple reset, we decided to rebuild our Towny server from the ground up, taking into account the small details. Our goal with Towny v3.0 was more consistency, user-friendliness, and maximum enjoyment for the player.


The rest of this announcement will be highlighted features of Towny v3.0. There are far too many changes to cover everything in this announcement, but the most notable ones will be listed:

The Towny system that we will use on Towny v3.0 is much more realistic and friendly to players who do not have large income. We've reduced many prices, such as Town creation, so even new players have more of a chance to create their own civilizations and not have to rely on a mayor they may not trust. Currently, Town creation is reduced by 50% to $15,000 and upkeep starts at only $40! Yes, $40! Upkeep will be plot-based using the following equation: # of claims * 40. We can't wait to see how this new system is taken advantage of by the community!


Our brand new VoteTokens system will resemble Factions v2.0, may it rest in peace. VoteTokens will now be a physical item, which means that they can be traded using ChestShops or even /trade! Along with this change, the new TokenShop will now contain even more items such as LWCKeys and every possible "staff" tool. For the sake of consistency, all staff tools have been removed from all places on the server besides the TokenShop and VoteParty. This way, no matter where you...
Hello everyone, Happy holidays!

To celebrate the December holiday season and to bring in the new year at SK, we’ve decided to throw our biggest sale yet!

Starting from December 15th and ending January 5th, all ranks and rank upgrades will be 75% off! Whether it's for you, or a loved one, now is the perfect time to grab the rank you've been looking at for a very low price.

You can visit store.shadowkingdom.org or the link from the store up top! Make sure to use the correct username, punctuation and all when you order!

With much holiday cheer!

-The SK team
Hi there,

Since our maps are feeling a little worn out, we will be carrying out some world resets on the Towny server. The only worlds being reset are Nether, End and Resource. Please remove any items or Towny claims in these worlds, otherwise they will be lost. The main world and plugin data will not be affected.

When? Friday, December 14th, at 12:00AM EST. (There may be a few hours of downtime while the new maps generate.)

Thank you,
- The SK Team