Dear everyone,

The results for the contest builds made by staff members are in! After three weeks of unstoppable building, a few days of hard judging decisions, and a whole lot of fun, we're proud to present the staff results!
Next Saturday (April 24th) we'll announce the real winners of our contest.

Thanks to an amazing group of world-class judges we managed to get a ranking of our competing staff members.

1st Place: Marijke2382

2nd Place: jstoeckm2

3rd Place: Lamna

4th Place: 0o0_0o0

5th Place: iamimemi

6th Place: pastelnarwhal

7th Place: Alikenila

Many thanks to everyone who made this build contest possible, you're amazing, keep building!

Hello everybody!

Towny v4.0 has been around for almost nine months now and has received quite a few updates and changes since then. Nevertheless, we have been working behind the scenes on something bigger for a while now;). Therefore, I am very excited to finally announce the largest update to our Towny server since its initial release!

This upgrade not only includes the long-awaited 1.16.5 Nether update, but also changes to jobs & quests as well as a reset of ALL resource worlds. So please make sure to move anything important you might still have in the Nether, End or the Resource world over to our main world! In this announcement I will introduce the main changes, however, a more detailed changelog will be released with the update itself and will be linked here.

The update will be released in one week on Thursday the 22nd of April. However, to get everything ready, we will take the server offline on that day at around 8 am UTC for about 12 hours (depending on how things go, it might take less or more time). This will only affect Towny though, so CreativeBD and our Lobby will still be available.

Minecraft 1.16.5

This update contains a ton of new features, blocks and mobs in the Nether, including the new Netherite items, that are superior even to diamond equipment. Of course, this means all our unique items from crates, the vote party or the treasure hunt will be upgraded. Your existing equipment can be upgraded by using a Smithing Table. As a consequence, the Netherworker job will be reworked quite a bit to prepare it for all the new content.

A separate Nether world for building!

Since the new update makes the nether a lot more interesting and versatile in general, we have decided to introduce a separate nether world, where you can create towns and build to your heart's content! This world can be reached by nether portals as usual.

In addition to that, there will be a resource nether as well. You can enter it, by using /ntp or /nether, which works just like /resource (biochemists will get the joke). In opposite to the main nether world, this one will reset at some point. To make mining the new resources a bit easier, explosions will be enabled in this world...

Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce our yearly Spring Sale, accompanied with a brand new event! Until the 12th of April, all ranks are 30% cheaper and all in-game perks are 25% cheaper. So if you have been thinking about getting something from our shop and missed the birthday sale, this is your chance.

Check out the awesome rank perks at or use /buy in-game (make sure you enter the right username when using the website though). :)

Easter Event - The Egg Hunt
Looks like the Easter bunny came early this year and hid many eggs all over our spawns. Grab your magnifying glass, put on your searching shoes and find them all!

There are 50 eggs hidden in the Towny spawn and another 50 eggs in the Creative spawn. When you find an egg, simply click it to claim it as found. When you find an egg, you will get the reward it holds inside! (but watch out, not every egg has a reward)
Some eggs are easier to find than others, but with the right amount of patience and skills you should be able to find them all. ;)

When you find all 50 eggs on Towny, you will be rewarded with this unique event item:

When you find all 50 eggs on Creative, you will be rewarded with a unique rank that gives you the following perms until the end of April:
- Access to the following Building Tools: WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, GoBrush & GoPaint.
- Access to ArmorstandsTools to give your builds that extra level of detail.

Will you find all eggs and claim the ultimate prize?

Creative Build Contest - Under the Sea / Into the abyss
Show us what you've got in this water-themed contest. Compete against other players for fame and prizes in the form of store coupons and build points!
This time, staff members will also enter the contest to impress you with their skills. Afterwards, you will be able to vote on the staff builds in a separate ranking (Staff members will not be included...