Hello players,

As a bit of friendly competition--with the added benefit of hopefully boosting SK's player count for Factions's first month--we are delighted to announce a Voting Contest for the month of June 2018. This will be one of the largest voting contests we have ever had on Shadow Kingdom, with over $500 of in-store credit being given away for free! It will begin in a few short hours at 0:00 EST on June 1st and end 24:00 EST on June 30th. The following is a list of benefits for the top winners of this voting contest:

1st Place: $125 donation store coupon
2nd Place: $75 donation store coupon
3rd Place: $50 donation store coupon
4th-5th Places: $30 donation store coupon
6th-10th Places: $20 donation store coupon
11th-20th Places: $10 donation store coupon

To check your current ranking, go to the Lobby server and type /votetop. This will display the top voters for the months.
The donation coupons will be directly messaged to their winners upon the conclusion of the voting contest and will expire two weeks after they have been delivered to the winners.

Happy voting!
- SK Staff Team

*Admins cannot participate in this voting contest, though their alt accounts may.
In an effort to be more transparant, we are disclosing what data we collect, and what we do with it.


ShadowKingdom operates under a paradigm called Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP). In a nutshell this means that nobody has more access than they need. Furthermore, we constantly evaluate in-game permissions and access, and make regular changes.

Who has access to my data?

Access to your data is highly regulated; only the ShadowKingdom Owners and System Administrators have access to our dedicated servers. Managers and Forum Administrators have access to Personal Identifiable Information (PII), things such as what you provide in our store and forums. All other staff (Including Admins) do not have access to your data, including IPs and email address.

We do not give outside contractors (Such as Developers) access to any of your data, or our infrastructure.

What do we collect?

We collect the following data:
  • IP addresses
  • Data that you provide on Forums (Email addresses, Names, any other data you provide)
  • Data that you provide when making a purchase in our Store (PayPal processes the actual transaction, we do not have access to your credit card information, and neither does Buycraft)
  • In-game analytics, such as how much time you spend playing on ShadowKingdom

Have any questions? Please post below!
Hello players,

I am happy to announce that beta testing for the new Factions server will be open from May 25th to May 27th (midnight to midnight EST)! We need 10 beta testers to play during this period, find any and all bugs, and report them to us so that we may fix them once beta testing is over and before Factions opens to the public on June 8th. During this period, the world borders for the overworld, nether, and end will all be significantly smaller than they will be when the server releases to the public. This is to mitigate any advantages beta testers may have over everyone else when the server opens. The entire server (all progress, all terrain alterations, etc.) will be rolled back at the end of the beta testing period so that when factions opens to the public, no player has an advantage over any other. To be eligible to be a beta tester, you must be a donator and have achieved at least the rank of Builder on Creative OR Guardian on Towns OR Free on Prison. To sign up to be a beta tester, reply below with the following (filled in, of course):

Donation Rank:
Creative Rank:
Towns Rank:
Prison Rank:

The first 10 people to reply and have their eligibility verified will be the Factions beta testers. Before applying, please be certain that you can be available to play for a great deal of time during the period of May 25th to 27th.

I look forward to seeing the beta testers' reaction to the culmination of several months' hard work on May 25th, and then everyone else's on June 8th.