Hello Players,

Beginning today, our 2019 Halloween Sale is now ACTIVE! This means that all Donation Ranks and Rank Upgrades are 50% off until October 31st, 2019! Buy yours today!

Our store: https://store.shadowkingdom.org (or simply type /buy in-game!)

  • All donation ranks are global and life-time. This means that purchased ranks will transfer to all current and future Shadow Kingdom servers and they never expire!
  • The 2019 Halloween Sale is effective for all Global Ranks and Rank Upgrades.
  • Be sure to type your in-game username accurately with correct capitalization when purchasing.
  • After you purchase a rank, please allow up to 5 minutes for the rank to become active in-game.
Thank you for your support! <3

- SK Staff
Hello everybody!

With this update we are going to (re)introduce a sixth vote page, a new resource world and a small change to to nation ranks on towny. As always, if you ahve any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a reply beneath this post!

New vote page:
Most of the older players will probably still remember that we used to have a total of six voting sites instead of only five. With this update we will add a sixth one again, which will in turn lead to a few adjustments in order to preserve the balancing. Don’t worry though, if you vote six times per day you will still get more than you did before!

  • Creative: The minimum number of votes required to unlock WE/Voxelsniper access will be increased to 5 votes (from 4).
  • Towny: To compensate for the increased number of obtainable tokens, the prices in the tokenshop will be increased by about 10% to preserve the balancing, the money/XP/vote key rewards will remain unchanged! The new prices (in tokens) are listed below:
    • Pick of Daph: 275
    • Sword of Sh1m: 230
    • Axe of Kayoz: 200
    • Bow of Link: 250
    • Hoe of Roe: 90
    • Shovel of Matt: 180
    • Rod of Fira: 200
    • Vote Crate Key: 6
    • Rare Crate Key: 90
    • End Crate Key: 90
    • Spawner Crate Key: 110
    • LWC Key: 15
    • $275 In-game Money: 1
    • Fly Access for 2 Days: 55
    • Fly Access for 7 Days: 180
    • Pig Spawner: 100
    • Cow Spawner: 130
    • Squid Spawner: 310
    • Skeleton Spawner: 180
    • Blaze Spawner 220
    • Creeper Spawner 290
If you already want to check our entry on the new site out, visit:

New resource world:

In addition to the new vote site, we will reset the resource world with the next server restart (4th of September, 7am GMT). So, if you still have anything of value in the old resource world, like spawners you didn’t mine yet, make sure to grab them soon!

Adjusting nation ranks:

Since nations, in opposite to towns, do not have a manager rank, we decided to add the permission to kick towns from a nation to the assistant rank, in order to make managing large nations a bit easier. On top of that, this will differentiate the assistant rank a bit more from the helper rank. To see the permissions for all the different towny ranks,...
Hello everybody!

If you have played towny, you will probably have noticed that the auction plugin we currently use has several issues, which will probably never be fixed (the latest officially supported version of MC was 1.10). Some of those issues are:
  • No support for 1.13 items
  • If you are using the “wrong” version of MC, you cannot see the items in chat
  • People are able to bypass the auction queue
  • It can be very spammy in chat

For this reason we will replace our current plugin with "Crazy Auctions," which combines classic auctions, that players can bid on, with an auction house, where you can sell items for a price of your choice.

Most of the plugin’s functions can be accessed through one central GUI, which can be opened with /ah.

It lists all items that are currently for sale, allows you to filter them, to collect items from expired sales, etc. You will see the price and details of the respective item by hovering over it and you can purchase it by clicking it.

To set up items for sale, use /ah sell [price] [amount]. Other players have then 24 hours to buy them. How many items you can have for sale at the same time is depending on your rank:
  • Brigand: 1
  • Paladin: 2
  • Conqueror: 3
  • Legend: 4
  • Benefactor: 4
If you want to start an auction that people can bid on, use /ah bid [price] [amount], you will need at least the Guardian rank. In the following three minutes, everybody will be able to bid on this item through the /ah GUI (klick the slime ball to view the items you can bid on). Hovering over the item will display its properties, the current price, highest bidder and remaining time:


In opposite to the old auction plugin, it will not be possible anymore to sell more than 64 at the same time. To make up for this, we will add some of the items that are often sold in large quantities (e.g. cooked potatoes and cooked cod) to /sell, while adjusting the job reward at the same time.

We will switch to the new plugin on Sunday, July 21st, 2019. If you have any feedback or questions regarding this change, feel free to leave a reply in this thread.

Best of luck,