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Hello Players,

Today I'd like to announce a very large and very important project that has been in the works for many months now: Shadow Kingdom Towny v2.0. The original Towny server has seen so much success in its lifetime, and we are all overjoyed that you guys loved the content that we offered on that server.

Unfortunately, every server gets to that point when the economy becomes overly saturated, the world becomes run-down, and everyone starts losing interest. Shadow Kingdom Towny 2.0 is so much more than just a simple reset of the current Towny server. We have spent many months rethinking and perfecting many features from Towny v1.0, and added many new plugins and essentially built the server from the ground up. I will go over a few of the important changes in this announcement.

In my nearly five years of server management, I have never helped in carrying out such a huge server overhaul. We sincerely hope that everyone enjoys this new server as much as we do. Please remember to read the full announcement before asking questions. Furthermore, there are too many changes to cover in a single announcement. The bare essentials will be covered in this announcement.



The Jobs plugin on the original Towny server was more of a "money on the side" type of system. The Jobs did not pay out enough to actually rely on as a main source of income. On Towny 2.0, the Jobs have been completely revamped. Every Job got a significant boost, and many of the features Jobs offered have gotten a facelift. We believe that Jobs will be the new main source of income on Towny 2.0. With our all-new Jobs-driven economy, players will no longer have to depend on others to help them make a profit.


All Crates on Towny 2.0 have been redone. Along with a shortened "spin" time when using a Crate, the items in the Crates have been nearly completely replaced. Using a chances system, we were able to implement some larger prizes into Crates such as the Vote Crate and Rare Crate. This means that no matter if you're an old player or a new player starting out, the Crate winnings will always be worthwhile.

Originally, there were 3 Crates on Towny. We're proud to introduce a brand new, never before seen Crate on Towny 2.0 called the End Crate....
Hello players,

As of today, our Official Steam Community is open for everyone to join! For those of you who are not familiar with Steam, it is a platform where you can buy/play games with friends. This new community is a great way for everyone to stay involved and expand outside of Minecraft. Feel free to invite any friends to the group, as well!

To join, simply click this link, then proceed to join (you will need a Steam account before joining):

Please note that our Steam community will be separate from Minecraft. Regular updates and events will continue to come to our Minecraft network, along with our Steam community.

Please be sure to report any issues!

Thank you,

- SK Senior Staff
Hello players,

We have ditched our old Discord server. The reasoning for this is that the old server was setup in a very unorganized way and the person who created that server did so on unofficial terms, and we ended up adopting it to be the "official" SK Discord server, which it was not, technically.

You will notice that the new server will sort of resemble the old server in a way, and that's because we don't want the change to be too drastic. All users, by default, will have adequate permissions to use the chat channels, bots, voice channels, and view announcements, making everyone's lives a lot easier. You will also notice a new ranking system for users who are active in the channels. All staff and donation ranks will transfer to the new Discord server officially.

If you're a donator, simply send an admin proof of your rank in-game, and you will receive your role on the new Discord server!

Everyone is welcome to join now: https://discord.gg/qqS4J2u

Thank you,