Hello everybody!

I am excited to finally announce a huge update for our Creative Build Discovery server! Due to the many new features in 1.18, most importantly the extended height limits, we decided to skip several versions so you can experiment with the new possibilities as soon as possible. :D

Since this update requires us to work on our actual server, we will have take it offline for several days. This is to ensure that the worlds are updated correctly and all the plugin data is converted without any issues. If everything works out as intended, you will be able to continue building right where you left. You will keep all your builds and ranks! This is our current schedule:
  • Jan 31st: We will take the server offline.
  • Jan 31st- Feb 3rd: Update of the server.
  • Feb 4th: Release of CreativeBD 1.18
Please keep in mind that these dates are just an estimate and things might always take a bit longer than expected. We will keep you updated though! ;)

The 1.18 update hasn't been released that long ago, so there are bound to be some things that do not work perfectly yet (What is the opposite of good? - Perfect). According to our preliminary testing the most features should work already though. We will release a list of all existing issues with the release on February 4th, so you are all aware.

Big shout out to @JST who did/will do most of the testing and work!

Best of luck!
Hello everybody!

I am excited to finally announce the winners of our Legends and Myths build contest! Thank you to everybody who took part. As usual, your amazing builds made deciding on the winners a challenging task!

As usual everyone who took part now has 2 weeks to copy their build to the regular plot world and submit it from there if they wish. The top three builds will be copied to the museum and can be submitted from there. Store coupons and build points will also be distributed over the next few days.

1st Place
(1000 points + $100 donation store coupon)

2nd Place
(750 points + $50 donation store coupon)

3rd Place

(500 points + $25 donation store coupon)

4th and 5th Place
Abuilder and tsunxmi
(250 points + $15 donation store coupon)

6th to 10th Place
Svedzko, Ultrabrain, TimoApp, PineMartenEmily and mrcow75
(125 points)

All finished plots (50 coins)

Thanks to everyone who made this amazing contest possible, hope to see you soon on the server.
Keep on building!

Kind regards,
SK Staff

P.S.: We have a big announcement for CreativeBD in the next few days, so stay tuned! :p

Hello players!

I am happy to announce the final sale of the year. Until the 2nd of January, all ranks and rank upgrades are 65% cheaper. So if you have been thinking about getting one of our ranks, this is the time to get it, since this will most likely be the highest discount for a while.

Check out the awesome rank perks at https://store.shadowkingdom.org/ or use /buy in-game (make sure you enter the right username when using the website though). :)

Towny Winter Event
In addition to that, we are launching our Towny Winter Event paralel to the Creative Build Contest! Similar to the previous Winter event you can unlock your rewards, including a personalized item, by completing a number of challenging, frosty tasks between now and January the 2nd!

First of all, here is the list of all objectives. You can get that list in-game by using /winter:
  • Place 5000 blocks of snow
  • Place 2500 spruce leaves
  • Break 5000 spruce logs
  • Break 5000 packed ice blocks
  • Break 10000 cocoa beans
  • Break 2500 coal ore
  • Kill 10 polar bears
  • Kill 50 rabbits
  • Craft 500 cakes
  • Craft 1000 firework charges
  • Craft 500 pumpkin pies
  • Breed 25 foxes
Completing each task will award you with a personalized WinterToken. They will only work for the player who obtained them, so trading is not possible*.

Once you have at least 10 of them, you can use them in /winterprize to claim the final reward. This reward consists of a shulker box containing these items:

You might wonder why you have to work for a "gift". I'd like to answer this with a counterquestion: Why would you expect to get anything in life for free?

And on top of that, you will get your very own Elf Hat. Just like last year, you are free to choose your favourite color ;)


Each one comes with a personalized name and...