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Towny 6 Release Delay Announcement
2 minute read

Dear everyone,

We regret to inform you that the release of Towny 6, initially scheduled for July 5th, will need to be delayed. This decision was made to ensure the best possible experience for our players with the upcoming update.

The Towny 6 update is the biggest Towny update we've ever released, designed to bring Towny, and SK in general, to the modern era. To make sure you get the best possible experience, we decided Towny 6 must release on Minecraft 1.21

The recent release of 1.21 has brought many exciting new features, and we are committed to integrating these into Towny 6. However, servers on this version aren't stable yet, and many plugin developers have not yet updated their plugins to support the latest version. As a result, we are unable to get Towny ready in time.

Upgrading to 1.21 also gives us more time to enhance the actual update. It allows us to ensure that all aspects of the server are polished and functioning perfectly.

To keep you, the community, more up to date on the state of the server and any news related to a possible release date, we will be posting "Weekly devlogs" every Friday. These posts will give you more insight into the project's progress and what you can expect.

We anticipate that this process will take at least a few more weeks, but we will keep you informed with regular updates on our progress.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. We are excited about the enhancements Towny 6 will bring and look forward to sharing it with you soon.

Much Love,

- SK Staff 💙

Server upgrades in progress
Server upgrades in progress
Hey everyone, As you may still remember from a few announcements ago, we've been working on new features and systems to modernise the network. The first of these upgrades will launch on ShadowKingdom's birthday on April 1st! Very exciting stuff...
1 minute read