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Hmmm... favorite Towny builds... I have to say that this is a difficult decision. There have been many great builds on Towny from my time playing. Some of them aren't the best builds but hold a lot of memories. I'd have to say that my favorite falls into this category lol. While it cannot compare to the awe-inducing T3 Parliament or the effort it took to make with the Throne Room, or the Llama-ness of Llamaland, this one holds a special place in my heart.

The Undercity Council Room was made by me and a few friends one day relatively early on in my time on SK. I wanted to expand the table to accommodate more friends but the original room was too small, so I decided to make a new one. I remember that I was hanging back while my friends who had been on the server for longer and had Obsidianshield slowly but surely got rid of a massive lava pool. I remember all the good times of messing around with friends in this room. I remember when it was griefed (Arrelen I will never forget your name) and I worked to repair it. This room branched off into two of the greatest undertakings of my Minecraft career with the Throne Room and the World Map. But most importantly, it holds the names of all of my friends from T3. Some have been banned, many have moved on in life. But this room serves of a reminder of my time in T3 and the joys that time brought with it.

Hello there! With the new website, I figured I'd make an introduction on here as well :D

My name is InfernalzRush (InfernalsRush on the server due to stuff) and I'm a Towny player on SK! I technically joined sometime in 2018 or so but I really started playing in June of 2019 and have tried to be an active member of the community ever since! Currently in college studying for an Associates degree in Animation, but we'll see how things go :)

Age as of writing this: 19

Location: Tennessee, USA

Other games I play: Changes day to day but I'm currently playing Stellaris and Helldivers 2 :)

More about me: I like watching Anime with my favorites being Overlord, Made in Abyss, and Magi. I like fantasy and sci-fi stories, and I play D&D with my friends on Saturdays! :)