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sh1mrr4's introduction
sh1mrr4 Verified
2 posts
2 topics
4 months ago

Hello everyone!

Since there is the new website now, I guess I have to somehow reclaim my number 1 spot for the total number of posts here, let's see how that will go 😅

For those of you who don't know me, I am sh1mrr4 (aka sh2mrr5) and have been admin on this server for a few years, but eventually I had to resign, because I am doing a PhD in biochemistry/neuroscience which consumes most of my time these days xD

Age: 31

Location: Germany

Other games I play:

  • Turn based (or slow/ with pause) strategy like Stellaris, Anno 1800, Civilization
  • RPGs: Mostly classical ones like Pillars of Eternity or Pathfinder but also modern ones like Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Occasionally also co-op games with friends or roguelites.

More about me:

  • I first joined the server back in February 2017.
  • I like reading fantasy and science-fiction.
  • I own almost 400 CDs (mostly metal bands).

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SVTheBest Moderator Verified
1 posts
0 topics
19 days ago

shim why do you have so many hours in Stellaris it scares me

peepeepoopoo :D