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18 days ago
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Hey everyone,

Since there are no posts here yet, I thought it might be a good idea to get something started!

I was just wondering what your most favourite builds in any of the Towny versions are (doesn't have to be your own of course) and why you like them.

For me this is a difficult decision, but I think I will go with my villager storage back from Towny v1.0. The cells are connected by a water/piston transport system to a village above, so selected librarians are automatically transported to the next free cell. It was a pain to build, but turned out pretty cool 😁

Hello everyone!

Since there is the new website now, I guess I have to somehow reclaim my number 1 spot for the total number of posts here, let's see how that will go 😅

For those of you who don't know me, I am sh1mrr4 (aka sh2mrr5) and have been admin on this server for a few years, but eventually I had to resign, because I am doing a PhD in biochemistry/neuroscience which consumes most of my time these days xD

Age: 31

Location: Germany

Other games I play:

  • Turn based (or slow/ with pause) strategy like Stellaris, Anno 1800, Civilization
  • RPGs: Mostly classical ones like Pillars of Eternity or Pathfinder but also modern ones like Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Occasionally also co-op games with friends or roguelites.

More about me:

  • I first joined the server back in February 2017.
  • I like reading fantasy and science-fiction.
  • I own almost 400 CDs (mostly metal bands).