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InfernalzRush Introduction
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18 days ago

Hello there! With the new website, I figured I'd make an introduction on here as well :D

My name is InfernalzRush (InfernalsRush on the server due to stuff) and I'm a Towny player on SK! I technically joined sometime in 2018 or so but I really started playing in June of 2019 and have tried to be an active member of the community ever since! Currently in college studying for an Associates degree in Animation, but we'll see how things go :)

Age as of writing this: 19

Location: Tennessee, USA

Other games I play: Changes day to day but I'm currently playing Stellaris and Helldivers 2 :)

More about me: I like watching Anime with my favorites being Overlord, Made in Abyss, and Magi. I like fantasy and sci-fi stories, and I play D&D with my friends on Saturdays! :)

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